$400 for a fresh 48 session with 10 digitals ( option to add on digitals or prints) or this can be added onto any newborn or maternity package for $250. This is the option to have photos taken at the hospital, usually within the first 48 hours of babies life.


BASIC $300

30 minute session

5 digital images

Print Release

Baby only ( no siblings or family )

Option to add on digitals or prints


1 hour session

10 digital images

Print release

Family & or sibling photos w/baby

Option to add on digitals or prints


2 hour session

All digital images

Print release

Family/sibling photos w/baby included $100 print credit

LUX $1,500+

Lux is our newest option that delivers service & detail to the max.

Do you want help picking out outfits? Deciding where these photos will be displayed in your home & making sure you get EXCATLY what you want from your photo shoot? Do you want the best professional photo products with more detailed edits? Then this is for you. Please check out our LUX section on the website for more information



Save almost $500 by doing the GROW WITH ME package & capture so many photos as they change so fast in their 1st year

This includes:

Newborn Keepsake - 1 hour

3 month - 30 min

6 months - 45 min

9 months - 30 min

1 year - 45 min + cake smash

Want to upgrade any of these to longer sessions or more digitals? You can do that no problem