Branding Personal or Business

If you are trying to grow your audience, connect with customers, or just get some updated photos of yourself, this is a great option. In these photos shown, my client is using them to promote himself as a singer for gigs, making a large banner to have displayed while he plays shows & using images for weekly social media posts. What business do you have that I could help you with? I'd love to get images of yourself with or just of your products that would help your online presence, make flyers, for your website + more. The ideas are endless.

Package information below

For headshots check out our PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOT tab

BASIC $350

30 minute session

2 outfits

10 digital images

Print Release

Option to add on digitals or prints


1 hour session

3 outfits

20 digitals

Print Release

Option to add on digitals or prints


1 hour session

Option to break up into 2 seasons

( Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter )

Unlimited outfits

All digitals

Print Release

$100 in print credit: can be used for business cards/flyers/etc.

LUX $1,500+

Lux is our newest option that delivers service & detail to the max.

Do you want help picking out outfits? Deciding where these photos will be displayed in your home & making sure you get EXCATLY what you want from your photo shoot? Do you want the best professional photo products with more detailed edits? Then this is for you. Please check out our LUX section on the website for more information